Charting Control Tool is a necessity in the charting world

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Net charting is one of the most powerful charting control tool used to create advanced 3D and 2D charts using .NET technologies. It is built with a 100% managed code in C#. These interactive charts are specifically designed for desktop applications and web pages. It is a latest technology through which huge amounts of data can be easily generated and displayed on the websites. It is very easy to extract data from any existing database using this net charting tool to make a visual display.

To render dynamic and attractive charts, charting control tool seamlessly integrates database access, aggregation and handling with full calculation support. It provides immediate access to the existing data from Access to SQL Server. It is very simple to use as it requires only a few lines of scripting.

Net charting tool creates visually appealing charts. It supports over forty chart types ranging from the traditional bar, line, pie, grid surface charts etc. Each chart type supports multiple modes therefore different types and styles are available for the developers.

Nowadays websites are so dynamic that one has to continuously update it in order to keep up with the market demands. Websites are required to be user-friendly as well as interactive i.e. it should be able to provide equal amount of functionality both through the big displays of laptops and desktops as well as the small screens of mobile phones. This charting tool helps to display data effectively irrespective of the size of the display screen.

This charting tool automatically adapts itself with the help of its intelligent label placement technology. It comprises of intelligent scroll bar handles which can easily remember the past positions. It supports various interactive features and provides advanced level of visual functionality with the help of AJAX zooming and scrolling. This tool helps to meet the most challenging visualization requirements of various fields such as organizational interactivity, navigation, live database, smart labeling and much more.

Net charting is a wonderful charting control tool that imparts a professional look to the charts as well as flexibility and ease of use to the users. It comprises of a combination of visually attractive and stunning graphics and a comprehensive interface to deliver one-stop charting solutions.

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Charting Control Tool is a necessity in the charting world

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This article was published on 2010/11/11