Effective Tools for ASP.NET Developers

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Having a good profile on the World Wide Web is now a mandatory step for every business or company. Whenever we talk about a good, secure and trustworthy web application, ASP.NET would be the first suggestion from many developers. There are several development tools that you simply would wish to use in the web development procedure; we will further discuss few effective tools for ASP.NET developers.

  1. NuGet

The first tool is NuGet, it is an open source tool for Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express, which can help all the .NET developers to easily install and update 3rd party libraries and tools in a Visual Studio project. Whenever a .NET specialist installs any package, it will copy all the library files to his system and will automatically update the project.

  1. MVC3

The next is the MVC3; this is one interesting thing all the .NET software developer’s need to try hands on. This is the last version of the MVC series. The best part is the new view engine, by the name Razor and few more tools that are compatible with older tool set with enhanced features.

  1. IIS Express 7.5

This is one of the favourites among the ASP.NET development tools. It is really popular. Its latest version is IIS 7.5 Express, which supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It is lightweight version of IIS (Internet Information Services). The best part is that it does not require any admin rights, which helps in debugging code with the help of Visual Studio.

  1. WebMatrix

This one is the best tool for the starters, who would want to work in ASP.NET framework. This includes SQL Server Compact, IIS Express and ASP.NET. It also has several templates, which are open source. It is one of the best tools for new software developer.

  1. SQL Server Compact Edition 4

Number 5 in this list is the ASP.NET development (in german ASP.NET Entwicklung ) tool that is very handy. It is the simple version of the SQL server. The best part is that it does not need any sort of installation. That is how it saves developers time speeding the process.

  1. Orchard 1.0

The last one on our list is The Orchard Project, which is entirely supported by Microsoft. It is the project started by Microsoft to allow users or .NET developers to use CMS applications. Its 1.6.1 version release is available in the market. It is a great tool for the programmers as it has great interface and functionality.

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Effective Tools for ASP.NET Developers

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This article was published on 2013/06/13