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The concept of hardwood flooring is increasing rapidly as it is being used for both formal and informal purposes in the building. These floorings are easily available from the market in different shapes and qualities and made up of different types of wood material, thus presenting the customer with a large variety. It is not necessary to call in the experts or the installation company all the time when installing the hardwood flooring. This job can also be done by an individual if he has appropriate tools. This article mentions different types of tools that are needed when installing the hardwood flooring.

The hardware installation tools can be divided in to five different separate categories. They are power tools, preparation items, and installation tools, refinishing tools and repairing tools.

Firstly let’s take the look at the power tools. These includes 10” miter saw, compound miter saw, jig saw, circular saw, table saw, toe kick saw, routers, fein multimeister and festool. These power tools specifically perform the function of cutting the extra length of the board, trimming the cut edges and sanding up the boards. However, only one of the power tools cannot be used for all places or point. Each of these power tools are specifically designed for some specific job only, like the jamb saw can only be used to cut off the wood under the door casing, but it cannot be used to cut the irregular wood board to same length.

Then there are preparation items. These are not tools however, without these the installation of the hardwood flooring is impossible. Some of the preparation items that are hardwood adhesives, common sense, flooring items, flooring edges, concrete demo hammer, concrete grinders, hygrometers, knee pads, gloves, eye goggles, floor buffers, floor leveling compounds, flooring scraping, floor sealers, moisture meters and underlayment. All of these preparation items may not sound very important to you; however, they play an important role in the installation of the flooring. There are responsible for leveling the floor, scraping away the old floor, providing the safety to the worker from the wood splinters etc. one cannot start the job without these items, otherwise the end result won’t be appreciable.

Installation tools include, air compressors, nail guns, foot nailer, staplers, nailers on wheels, power jack, and pull bars, strap clamps, trowels and glue. All of these different installation tools are used in the installation of the flooring, however, the type of the tools used in the procedure depends upon the type of the wooden flooring that you have selected, like some flooring can simply be installed by using the nail guns, while other might need the air compressors first before they are nailed down on to the floor. There is an instruction manual which comes with these tools which help the user in determining that which tool is present for which job.

Refinishing is often needed with the hardwood flooring over the time. These usually include drum vs. belt sanders, floor buffer, square buff tools and hardwood floor scrapers. Then there are repair item, to repair any damage that might have taken place to the wood flooring over some time. They are adhesive removers, dust control, floor cleaners, floor repair kits and floor protection.

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Hardwood Flooring Tools

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This article was published on 2011/07/16