How To Remove System Tool 2011 From Your PC - Complete System Tool 2011 Removal

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System Tool 2011 is a fake antivirusinfection which basically works by installing itself onto your computer and then causing a huge number of problems in an attempt to get you to buy the upgrade to the program. Despite this virus looking like a professional piece of software, it's nothing more than a thinly-disguised scam, and needs to be removed in the most effective & complete way possible to ensure that your computer can run as smoothly and effectively as it did before the infection. This tutorial is going to show you exactly what to do:

What Is System Tool 2011?


System Tool 2011 is a newly created fake antivirus application which has been designed by computer hackers with one goal in mind - to steal your personal information and make your buy the fake upgrade to the program. Although this tool, as can be seen above, looks legitimate, it's a fraud and should not be trusted. The virus will have installed itself automatically from the likes of a fake email, infected download or malicious website, and will be working by using several files which are stored in this folder:

  • %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\System Tool 2011

The bottom line with this virus is that it's a software program, not a virus in the typical sense. It's known as a "malware" / "malicious software" infection, meaning that if you want to get rid of it, you need to be able to delete all the parts of the program that has embedded itself onto your computer. To do this, you can either manually delete the files that your PC is trying to use, or to remove all the parts of the application with an automated piece of software.

How To Remove System Tool 2011

The way to remove System Tool 2011 is to treat the infection  like a piece of software, and not a virus. To do this, you basically need to stop the infection from running, and then remove all the parts of it from your PC. This can either be done manually, or by using an automated piece of software that will scan through your computer and remove the files for you.

We've found that by using a program called "Frontline Rogue Remover", you'll be able to quickly remove all the parts of the virus in the most effective way. This tool first stops the virus from running, and will then delete all the parts of the program that have embedded themselves onto your computer. This will get rid of the infection completely from your PC for good.

You can remove System Tool 2011 from your computer by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can view our website to fix this virus for good.

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How To Remove System Tool 2011 From Your PC - Complete System Tool 2011 Removal

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This article was published on 2010/11/30