Just How Useful is the Victorinox Huntsman?

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The Victorinox Huntsman is said to be the actual direct descendant of the original Swiss Army Knife, coming with a variety of resources, all of which I've found to be extremely useful when I was in a sticky situation and away from my main tool kit.

My first meeting with this little wonder tool was in the early eighties.  While traveling to Sydney the plane made a stop in Bahrain, giving me an opportunity to go for a walk and have a look at the stores.  Much to my surprise I saw this little red beauty calling to me from its display case.  In a duty free shop, the price was attractive so I did the deal, put it in my pocket and forgot all about it till later.

There were still many hours to fill before arriving in Sydney so I thought I'd remove a few links from the new watchband I'd bought.  After a close look at the job, I figured that if I could push out some of the pins, I'd be able to do it; all I needed was something strong and with a sharp point.  I then remembered my new toy, still in my pocket, so out it came and I started looking for a suitable tool for the deed and it wasn't long before I found just what I needed, the awl.  As I was working away, the steward tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I put the tool back in my pocket and leave it there till we got off the plane.  So began my personal affair with the Swiss Army Knife.

It wasn't long after when I had to open a bottle of wine; I found the small blade ideal for cutting the foil and of course the corkscrew was then able to do its thing by pulling out the cork.  It wasn't as easy as some of those fancy lever action corkscrews but who keeps one of those in the glove box when out on a camping trip?

The scissors I've used more times than I can remember and even to this day, many years later, they still make precise and accurate cuts through any material soft enough to use a scissor on; very useful when trying to open some of the packaging we find these days.

And one tool I'd never want to be without would be the can opener; it does a great job out in the field which is why I guess this was included in a soldier's tool kit.  The little screwdriver at the tip has been used many times as we often find screws that need tightening in the strangest places and a proper screwdriver is much better than your thumbnail for getting that job done.

The magnifying glass has many uses, you just never know when you'll need one.  I once had to do some emergency repairs on an electronic device, the Phillips head screwdriver opened it up, the magnifying glass helped me find the fault and the wire stripper prepared the new wire for the repair.

And, of course, the bottle opener.  I've never been able to remove a bottle cap with the help of another bottle so whenever I find myself in that situation, the indispensable bottle opener gets me out of that jam.

I've only had to use the wood saw once but that one time was all that was needed to prove its worth.  I had to cut through a small branch under a fallen tree and that was all that was needed to free my companion who was trapped by it; couldn't have done it without the saw.  The hacksaw blade has come in handy several times. Cutting through metal is slow but steady and it does do the job plus the file is useful for smoothing out the rough edges after the cut's been done.

The only tool I haven't yet used is the fish scaler.  Not being a fisherman myself, I can't see ever needing it but the ruler marks etched on the blade had proved useful at times when an accurate measurement was needed rather than an estimate.

I can't say the Victorinox Huntsman has been my constant companion, I do leave home without it but not if I'm planning on being away for more than one day.  It also lives on my desk, just beside the keyboard and I use the large knife blade to open my mail and the toothpick does the job that only a toothpick can do.

So then, what can you do with the Swiss Army Knife?  I'd say, just about anything.

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Just How Useful is the Victorinox Huntsman?

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Just How Useful is the Victorinox Huntsman?

This article was published on 2012/01/12