MS Removal Tool. How it works?

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Since rogue antispyware programs have become an important mean to infect computer and rip their users off, computer hackers do not sleep and keep creating new products. Once of the most infamous application is Security Tool. And now security experts have detected a predecessor of it – MS Removal Tool.

The application has been noticed only more than a week ago but the damages that it has cause are really significant. Every day security experts hear complaints about more computer systems getting infected with MS Removal Tool. The biggest problem is that this badware disables all of your legitimate programs and even limits access to the Internet.

The only way to solve this problem is removing MS Removal Tool form your system, which becomes quite a big problem and creates a challenge even for more experienced computer users.

MS Removal Tool infiltrates into random computer with a help of a Trojan viruses. This way the application gets inside completely secretly. Once there the application is configured to start after each login to Windows. This means that MS Removal Tool will run its scanner each time you turn your computer on. Unfortunately this scanner only imitates looking for infections and finally generates a list of threats that are either legitimate programs or files that do not exist at all. Finally it offers you purchasing a full version of MS Removal Tool that promises to get rid of all infections and provide system protection against various malware attacks in future. Actually once the money is paid for this badware, it goes straight to the computer hackers but the infected system still keeps all the same problems.

Security experts strongly recommend removing MS Removal Tool as soon as possible using a reputable antispyware program. It's the only way to eliminate this badware safely and easily. Remember that having an updated antivirus program means that your computer will be protected agains this type of infections in future and you will not experience this kind of inconveniences anymore.

if by any circumstances you have already purchased MS Removal Tool, please contact your credit card company to dispute the charges as soon as you can. Otherwise, your money will go to the computer hackers - creators of MS Removal Tool and you will simply lose them.


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MS Removal Tool. How it works?

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This article was published on 2011/04/06