Protect Hand Tools with Tool Organizers

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The business of home repair professionals, woodworkers, metal workers and craftsmen is largely dependent on the tools they use. Hence, the safety of their tools is of utmost importance. A range of tool organizers is available in the market to serve this purpose.


A damaged tool not only hampers the task at hand, but is also potentially dangerous to the user. Tool organizers are extremely useful to maintain tools to their optimum level. Also, they are highly portable, making them perfect to carry on-site. Some tool organizers come furnished with additional features like secure locks or mount hooks. Others are fitted with sliding tool trays, which are especially useful for craftsmen.


Metal tool organizers are very durable and highly suitable to store heavy tools. Since those made of iron corrode over time, stainless steel or lightweight aluminum is the preferred metal for most professionals.

Craftsmen, with their eye for beauty, demand wooden containers carved with intricate designs. These are especially equipped with tool trays for better organization.

On the other hand, plastic tool organizers are very popular among hobbyists as they are lighter and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.


As mentioned before, many tool organizers can be mounted or secured with locks. While smaller containers may consist of a single, latched compartment, larger varieties offer tool trays to hold tools of different sizes. These tool trays allow easy access and prevent smaller, delicate tools from getting dented or damaged by heavier ones. Depending on the specific design, these trays may be hinged, slid out or even removed completely. While tool trays are very convenient, they may increase the weight of the tool organizer.


The market offers various kinds of tool organizers, ranging from basic tool boxes to enormous tool chests.

For instance, a small tool set holds basic tools snapped into place. Light, compact and affordable, it is sufficient as an emergency kit around the house. On the other side of the spectrum, automotive shops, repair houses and garages use a number of heavy and light tools, which should be readily accessible. Service carts are perfect for such use. These are large metal carts with wheels. The open, upper face of a service cart is ideal to place frequently used tools while the rest is divided into several open sections and tool trays for ease of compartmentalization. Service carts are very durable, portable and convenient for heavy use.

Belts, aprons, cabinets and buckets are some of the other commonly used tool organizers.

Depending on your need and budget, select a tool organizer that provides maximum safety and utility to your professional pursuit. After all, a tool organizer is a wise investment for a handyman.

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Protect Hand Tools with Tool Organizers

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Protect Hand Tools with Tool Organizers

This article was published on 2011/06/08