Remove System Tool 2011 - How To perform a System Tool 2011 Removal On Your Computer

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System Tool 2011is not a real spyware remover. It resembles the features and looks of genuine spyware removal software but has no ability to remove any virus, trojan or malware. System Tool 2011 is the latest addition to the increasing list of rogue Antivirus programs. System Tool 2011 is just a fake software to steal your money and to make your computer slow.

System Tool 2011 gets into your computer when you download a free software or media codec for your Windows media player from a unsafe file sharing website. Most of the free files you download from the file sharing websites are bundled with Fake Antivirus programs. When you open the downloaded free file, the System Tool 2011 program bundled with the free file gets installed on your computer.
Once installed System Tool 2011 program changes your computer settings and will show many unwanted pop-up windows. System Tool 2011 will run computer virus scanning by itself and will report that your computer is infected with dangerous Virus, Trojan and Spyware. System Tool 2011 will force you to buy the licensed version of System Tool 2011 to remove the virus infection from your computer. You should not fall into this trap. Please note that all the virus infection warnings it displays are fake and you should get rid of System Tool 2011 program as soon as possible.

It is not easy to remove System Tool 2011 program using manual removal method as you have to remove all the files and registry files related to System Tool 2011 spyware infection. If you make any mistake when removing the registry files, your computer will crash. The procedure to remove registry files is not a easy task and is advisable only for advanced user's.

One Easy Method To System Tool 2011 Removal In Minutes

You can safely remove System Tool 2011 using spyware removal tools. You need to scan your computer using spyware removal program. The program will find and remove all the System Tool 2011 infected files from your computer automatically. After removing System Tool 2011 program please update your current Antivirus program to prevent any future virus infection.

Click the following link to learn how to download Spyware Removal tool to Remove System Tool 2011 Program and to perform System Tool 2011 removal.

Keep your computer safe and clean.

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Remove System Tool 2011 - How To perform a System Tool 2011 Removal On Your Computer

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  • comment_image

    Marce- 2011/02/10 22:45:09 pm

    It seems there are a lot of anti spyware mongrols (and those that are afilliating with them to make some quick bucks) profiteering from this unfortunate bit of malicious software, when to remove it is actually a simple process of restarting your p.c in safe mode and then doing a system restore! My suspicions are that it is the anti spyware mob that are putting these rogue programs out there in the first place and creating a bit of a market for themselves.

  • comment_image

    guylain- 2010/12/27 21:23:51 pm

    I have Window 7 on my laptop, got the system tool 2011in my system and everything eventually went down. I turned everything town, restarted in secure mode-f8-, do a system restore and that is it.

  • comment_image

    daisy- 2010/12/27 00:31:10 am

    This is not true. Anyone can remove it easily. Just search "how to remove System Tool 2011" by jerdei. He gives a very easy to follow method to do this. There are many videos on there to do this, but the one by "jerdei" is the best( in my opinion). You don't need to be a advanced user. It is also free. GO TO YOUTUBE!!!!

  • comment_image

    ven- 2010/12/22 12:19:18 pm

    can system tool 2011 uninstall by itself? i lately got it due to a link a clicked on fb. the other nite a google it n found out it was a fake antivirus n i deleted sum of the files but it wasnt completely uninstall.a few mins ago i decided to google it again n i was reading this article at dat moment my pc auto. shut down n when i restart it i didnt c any of the system tool pop ups n i can access all the programs on my pc. can u tell me wat is goin on here? btw when my pc restart a message pop up from microsoft windows saying ur windows has recovered from a serious error

  • comment_image

    Attiq ur rehman- 2010/12/05 02:06:15 am

    Hi Everyone It is a very crap thing it comes again and again. It gets you very angry. You feel like breaking desktop or laptop. So here is the solution which worked for me. As you get this problem, go to start right click on the file and check the location, where it is located. When you fine the location and you don’t find the folder or the file then it might me hidden. Do check the hidden folder and file. After it is done, restart your PC and press f8 for safe mode. Get into the safe mode and get to the same folder or file and delete it. Restart your PC in normal mode. It is done. Thank you.

This article was published on 2010/11/06